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September 11-18, 2012

posted Sep 10, 2012, 9:27 PM by Lundie Pinner

   Breakfasts  Lunches  Dinners
 Tue, 11th  Waffles with PB, applesauce  Popcorn / PB & J (apricot), apple, cheese cubes, cookies  Farfalle Pasta with Sausage, Tomatoes, and Cream, Salad
 Wed, 12th  Bagel, scrambled egg, banana  Clif Bar / Provolone, carrots/ranch, cookies, gogurt  Dinner Out
 Thu, 13th  Waffles with PB, applesauce  Goldfish / PB & J (grape), apple, cheese crackers,   Spicy Thai Noodles, steamed carrots
 Friday, 14th  Peanut Butter & Honey Toast, banana  Cheese Crackers / Provolone, grapes, cookies  Leftover noodles or takeout (sushi?)
 Saturday, 15th  Cereal  Scrounge  Four Ingredient Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Toast
 Sunday, 16th  Glazed doughnut muffins, bacon,   Scrounge  IIIs? Dinner Out?
 Monday, 17th  Bagel, scrambled egg, banana  Popcorn / PB & J (strawberry), apple, cookies  Honey Lime Tilapia
 Tuesday, 18th  Waffles with PB, banana  Clif Bar / Nutella,